The first service I provide to a client, and the most important, is to listen. When a potential client asks for my help on a writing project, I want to hear his or her goals, dreams, motivations, experiences, progress to date, budget, and much more. I also want to hear how the client envisions our collaboration, and the services he or she thinks the project requires.

After listening, if I believe I can help, I ask to read all or a sample of the client's project (if any writing has been done).

Then, I will have a good idea of what help I can offer, and I can make a proposal to the client.

Here are some of the services I might propose, in order of increasing time and expense:

Reading and critiquing

Mentoring and brainstorming



Punching up existing material




Every service I provide to a client is delivered on time and on budget, and of the highest level professional quality, as if it had my own name on it.



How much will it cost? The money question, often the first a client asks.

And the most difficult question to answer.

Every client and every project is different. Speculating on what I might charge for a particular project in advance of knowing the client and project isn't very helpful to either one of us.

What I can say is that my fees are reasonable, but I don't come cheap. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. If a client is not willing to pay for the services of a professional writer, then the client won't get professional-quality writing that results in "your work well done."

Depending on the client's budget and the needs of the project, I may propose working at an hourly rate (usually $80/hour, and I get a LOT done in an hour) or a fixed price for a fixed amount of work. For example, to write a blog post or edit a short story might be as little as $100 (my minimum charge). To ghostwrite a book from scratch starts at $50,000 and may be higher, depending on the amount of time required.

I do not charge for my initial consultation and first read of material.

Since there's no cost for getting to know each other, why not get to know each other?