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Welcome. I'm Jonathan Rintels, and I can help your writing. I’ve been a writer my entire adult life. In 1982, after an unfulfilling year as a lawyer in Washington D.C., I sold my first screenplay, moved to Los Angeles, became a member of the Writers Guild of America, and began a professional writing career that continues to this day. I love all aspects of writing – plotting, editing, crafting a crisp piece of dialogue, weaving a persuasive argument, collaborating with a partner.

In addition to my own writing, I teach writing classes to adults and teens, and consult with clients who want help telling their stories. Most of these stories deserve telling; they will enlighten and entertain. But they usually need that professional assist –  ghostwriting, rewriting, editing, critiquing, brainstorming, mentoring, script doctoring, whatever – to make them come alive.

Clients find me to be a gentle soul, but also a straight shooter. I don’t waste their time or money telling them what they want or hope to hear. Instead, I try to tell them what they need to hear and how much work will be involved. That’s the only way to take the work to that higher level where the client can proudly say, with no worries about the quality of the writing, “This is my story, and it's terrific.”

Snowbound: The Jim & Jennifer Stolpa Story

Snowbound: The Jim & Jennifer Stolpa Story

Law & Order "Knock Off"

Law & Order "Knock Off"

Sudden Terror: The Hijacking of School Bus #17

Sudden Terror: The Hijacking of School Bus #17



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I sold my first screenplay to CBS in 1982, and continue writing for film and television. My produced work includes nine movies for television and an episode of Law & Order.

In 2002, I founded the Center for Creative Voices in Media, a nonprofit 501(c)3, to educate policymakers and the public on the ways policy decisions in Washington impact creative artists. My work for the Center includes writing policy papers, research reports, speeches, letters to the editor, regulatory filings – it’s a different kind of writing, and I really enjoy it. I also enjoy that we make a difference.

In 2012, I published my first novel, Lifemobile. It’s the story of a father and his son with a difference, and how their lives are changed by a car with a difference. Lifemobile has 46 reviews and a 5 star rating on Amazon.

Currently, I’ve just finished consulting on a screenplay for a client, am mentoring two other clients, and am working on a play about Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings.

For links to – and examples of – my work, please see the Lifemobile and Movies & TV pages.


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Jon gets right into the meat of the story, the story you want to tell. He helps you find the places in your script that are good, and those that are interfering with the trajectory and proper pace of the story. I learned an enormous amount about the craft from working with Jon.
— Bruce McClelland, client and author, SLAYERS AND THEIR VAMPIRES
Jonathan Rintels is very talented- creative and a good writer. His desire to produce the best finished product possible keeps him open-minded to suggestions. Anyone who works with him will find that he is professional, reliable, and will be one of the easiest people with whom they have ever worked.
— Susie McKenna, client and author, LAST TRACKS
Written with a deft touch, an engaging wit, and a sure eye for what will ring warm and true, this is an incredibly engaging story that anyone would treasure.
— Robert Bianco, USA Today, on LIFEMOBILE
Editing my financial newsletter, Jon quickly cuts through jargon and streamlines technical analysis to make important points easily understandable. My readers have profited (literally!) from his contribution. Highest recommendation.
— Roger Tweed, CLIENT AND Editor, The Tweed Update
... the telefilm version of the ordeal of Jim and Jennifer Stolpa nicely captures the terror and the heartache of their brush with icy death...
— Tom Bierbaum, Variety, on SNOWBOUND
Is it dramatic enough? I thought an early draft was, but after receiving feedback from Jon, I realized I had left a lot on the table. In my subsequent revision, I basically discovered my whole third act! Jon’s friendly advice, informed by his many years of professional experience, has truly been invaluable to my progress.
Truly a great episode!
— Law & Order fan, TV.com